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Hara comes from Albania ; she was born in 1980 at Maliq and came in Greece for the first time in 1997. At the time of the interview her worked as a 'Nurse attendant'.

Interview date: 12/03/2006

Researcher who did the interview: Lambrini Styliou

Subfield of the interview: Labor


The interview was conducted in the university building. Hara´s family has five members. Currently she lives with her parents and her brother. She has attended a nursing school and now works as a nurse attendant. Some of the main issues discussed in the interview concern: her baptism and her relation to religion, the fact that her mother came to Greece first and how Hara experienced staying behind in Albania, her experiences of the 1997 unrest in Albania, her first working experience in Greece as a domestic cleaner, several racist incidents she experienced at school, her present job and her relations with co-workers and patients, marriage and gender relations, comparisons to her friends´ ways of life in Albania.

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