Gendered Aspects of Migration from Southeast Europe The research The project  

Methodology and Research Tools

Thematic subfields of the research

The project explored the experiences of these migrants groups (Albanians and Bulgarians), focusing on three interrelated thematic subfields.

The first of these, historical culture, focused on how men and women remember their experiences of the communist past and how these memories have contributed to the formation of new migrant identities and to the development of coping strategies in the host country.

In the second subfield, labor, we studied the ways in which migration has contributed to the reconceptualization of "work". We also sought to understand the impact of the new informal labor market, in which most migrants work, on gender relations.

The third thematic subfield, transcultural communication, centered on the role of migration in the formation of hybrid forms of intercultural communication that include the exchange of cultural products, information technologies, ideas, attitudes and practices.

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