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Research Supervisor

Ricky van Boeschoten
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University degrees in Literature and History from the Universities of Bologna (Italy, 1972), Utrecht (Netherlands, 1976) and Ioannina (Greece, 1976). Ph.d from the University of Amsterdam (1987). Worked as a translator at the Council of Ministers of the European Union (1980-2000). Since 2000 associate professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Thessaly. Specializes in oral history, social memory, ethnicity, and more recently, postsocialism and migration. Has published numerous books and articles in these fields in Greek, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Director of the Laboratory of Social Anthropology and of its Oral History Archive. Coordinated research project on Gender and Migration from Southeast Europe (2004-2006).


Ritsa Detsou

BA in English Language and Literature (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki); MA in Folklore Studies (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki); MA in Social Anthropology (Indiana University); Ph.D. in Social Anthropology (Indiana University). Her past academic interests focused on the politics of culture and the past particularly in the context of nationalism and tourism; the theoretical and everyday conceptualizations of “tradition” and “modernity,” as well as processes of group formation and place making in Greece. She is currently involved in two areas of research: the politics of culture in the European Union with particular emphasis on agrotourism and ecotourism as alternative forms of development; the role the archaeological past and present plays in the perceptions and practices of the contemporary inhabitants of a Greek village located over an archaeological site.

Ioanna Laliotou
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Penelope Papailias

I was born and raised in New York City. I received my bachelor's degree in English literature from Harvard University and my doctoral degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Michigan. My book, Genres of Recollection: Archival Poetics and Modern Greece, which examines the culture of historical production in Greece, was published in 2005 by Palgrave Macmillan. I joined the department as adjunct faculty in 2001 and was elected to the position of lecturer in 2003. As a member of the department's anthropology faculty, I teach undergraduate and graduate classes on the history and theory of anthropology, historical anthropology and the politics of memory, and media and technology. My current research concerns the politics and genres of media representation in the contemporary Balkans, with particular emphasis on the concept of the "media event" and the spectacularization of history.

Mitsos Bilalis
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Mitsos Bilalis is a Lecturer in Theory and Technology of Historical Information at the University of Thessaly, Department of History, Archaeology, Social Anthropology (Volos, Greece). He holds a doctorate in History from the Faculty of History, University of Sofia, Bulgaria. He has published articles on studying history and historiography in the digital domain. His current interests are in digital media and representations of the past, visual vulture and social history of information.

Effie Gasi

Effi Gazi is Assistant Professor of History and Theory of Historiography. She has studied History at the Universities of Athens (Greece) and Essex (UK) and received her Ph.D. from the European University Institute (Florence) in 1997. She conducted post-doctoral research at Princeton University (1998). She has taught at the Universities of Crete (Greece), Athens (Greece) and Brown (U.S.A.). Her research interests include the theory and history of historiography, intellectual and cultural history, nationalism, religion and the study of political culture. Her publications include Scientific National History.The Greek Case in Comparative Perspective (2000) and Ο Δεύτερος Βίος των Τριών Ιεραρχών. Μια «Γενεαλογία» του Ελληνοχριστιανικού Πολιτισμού (2004).

Raymond Alvanos
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Lambrini Styliou
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Alexandra Siotou

Pothiti Hatzaroula


Anthi Tsirogianni
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Themis Dallas
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T.G. Dallas was born in London, UK in 1967. He studied Physics at the University of Patras, Greece, where he also completed his PhD thesis on Computational Astrophysics. He has published 8 papers in refereed magazines or international conferences. He was appointed at IAKA in 2004.
Since 1997 he is building web sites as a profession. He has completed more than 110 web sites. Beyond the University of Thessaly, he has collaborated among others with the Foundation of The Hellenic World, the Municipal History Center of Volos, the Athens 2004 Olympics Organising Committee, and many car dealers and distributors.