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Methodology and Research Tools

The Photo Album Project

Through the collection of photographs from selected informants and the creation of a digitized photo archive, the Photo Album Project aimed to explore the role that visual technologies play in the formation of contemporary subjectivity under conditions of migration. In a series of interviews "in front of the photo album," we asked how gender, work and ethnic identities, familial relations, memories of communism, communication with the "homeland", a sense of belonging (or not) in Greek society, social mobility and class identification, and perceptions of consumer society were represented, performed and negotiated within the frame of individual photographs, as well as through photographic practices and the ongoing social life of the photographs themselves. The digital "exhibition" of selected photographs and their pairing with extracts from the main corpus of interviews is intended to highlight the central theoretical questions of our research while at the same time, through the medium of the "personal photograph", inviting the engagement of the visitor.

For more on the theoretical and methodological background of this project, see the literature review: Narrating the photo album: Poses, memories, gazes [.pdf, 246kB] (text in Greek).

Between January 2005 and January 2007, we conducted seven videotaped interviews with migrants between 30 and 45 years of age: three women of Albanian origin, two men of Albanian origin and two women of Bulgarian origin. One of the Bulgarian informants, however, did not agree to have her photographs displayed on the website.

The visual materials displayed on the website include: